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All You Need To Know About Penis Pumps - My Male Extra Review

All You Need To Know About Penis Pumps

penis pumps

Are you having anxiety about your sex life? Does erectile dysfunction weigh you down? You don’t have to worry anymore.

This is because a penile pump can help you to get a firm and a long-lasting erection.

A penile pump is a transparent cylinder that has a band and a pipe.

You should clinch it at the edge of your penis and place a band or a shrinking ring at the edge of the cylinder.

You will get a vacuum using the pump and the cylinder which will make your penis to have an erection. The shrinking ring and the band-aid you in retaining the erection.

The other name for a penile pump is vacuum construction gear.


How To Use A penile pump

  • Harness the pipe of a penile pump at the edge of your penis. You can opt to use it manually or use batterie's power to run it.
  • Create a vacuum in your clear cylinder by pumping all the air out. When there is a vacuum the blood flow to the spongy penis tissues will increase. This will make it erect after it becomes puffy.
  • Use a lubricant to slide down the band at the threshold of your penis.
  • Get rid of the vacuum and remove the cylinders’ pump.

You can gently have intercourse without removing the band for around thirty minutes. This aids in retaining the erection throughout the sexual activities.

You should check that the penile pump that you buy have a feature for ‘quick release’. When the gadget fails to discharge the vacuum swiftly when you need it to, it can harm you.

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The Efficiency Of A Penile Pump

A study has shown that 50% to 80% of those who use a penile pump have a successful erection that lasts. There is a probability that the satisfaction of using it will reduce with time.

You can use this pump when you have erectile dysfunction which can be as a result of any of the below conditions.

  • Blood sugar.
  • Depression, anxiety and any other psychological torture.
  • Low blood flow in your genitals.
  • check
    Colon cancer.
  • check
    Prostate surgery.

When Should You Avoid Using It?

A penile pump is safe, but there are instances when you should avoid using it.

  • When you have priapism. This condition makes you have a painful erection that can overstay for hours. When you have leukemia and sickle cell anemia you can experience this abnormality.
  • When you have genital bleeding.
  • It is not fit for obese men. Their lower abdomen has excessive fatty tissues which make the process unsuccessful.

A doctor can advise you to use the penile pump after you have had prostate surgery. You should use it for a maximum of 5 times in a day after recovering.

This aims at making the level of the blood flow to be higher. You should be patient because you would have to wait for some months to notice the difference.

Does The Use Of Penile Pump Have A Side Effect?

There is a difference between a natural erection and the one you get after using a penile pump. You can notice a few things that you would not experience when you have a natural erection.

  • Ejaculation force can reduce. When you are having an orgasm the band that is on the cylinder, and the pump can restrain your semen. You will not feel pain, and you will have a maximum climax pleasure.  The semen cannot come out before you get rid of the band.
  • The penis can be numb, and its color can change to purplish.
  • You can get a painless blue or a black bruise at the tip of the penis. It disappears within several days.

The Cost Of Penile Pumps

The cost of penile pumps is not constant. It depends on the type and the brand you want to buy. You can opt to buy a manual one or the one that uses batteries power to run.

Advantages Of Using A Penile Pump That Has Battery.

  • It works faster than the manual one.
  • It is efficient for people with arthritis.
  • It is fit for those who have insufficient strength in their hands.

The cost ranges between 300 dollars and 500 dollars. There are places where you will need to have a prescription for you to buy the penile device and other sexual devices.

Penile Pump Concerning An Insurance Cover

When you have erectile dysfunction and the doctor documents it, an insurance company can cover half or full cost of a penile pump.

Other insurance companies don’t cover the penile pump unless the patient can’t survive without it.

Safety Tips That Relates To A Penile Pump Use

A penile pump is effective and helpful for men who have erectile dysfunction. You should observe certain precautions for it to help you to overcome this challenge without getting hurt.

1.    Go For A Health Check Up.

You need to know your health condition before you use this gadget. Suppose you have any of the following conditions you should not use the penile pump.

  • Blood clotting issue.
  • When your blood vessels have a problem.
  • Blood sugar.
  • Peripheral vascular disorders.
  • Sickle cell anemia.

You should consult your doctor for him to advise you on an alternative way of dealing with the erectile dysfunction.

2.     Pump In Intervals

You should not pump continuously. Ensure that you take rests of a few minutes during the process. Avoid applying a lot of pressure when pumping.

Do not get addicted to pumping because it can injure your genitals.

3.    Do Not Take Blood Thinning Drugs When Using The Penile Pump.

These drugs include naproxen and aspirin.  When you take the drugs while using the penile pump, the blood can fail to supply to some body parts.

The blood can then trust to the veins after you remove the penile pump. This can cause you to have blood clotting which can cause other complications.

4.    Pump Moderately

Ensure that you do not over- pump out of the excitement that comes with doing it. Pumping makes the blood flow in the genitals to increase. You experience a hard erection as a result of pumping.

Dangers Of Over-pumping.

  • The blood vessels strain during the pumping session.
  • Applying high pressure at once can cause your blood vessels to burst.
  • Your body can have swellings and bruises.
  • You can experience pain in different parts of your body.
  • You can fail to achieve an erection for a long time.
  • You can get nonischemic priapism. This is where you have a long constant erection.
  • You can have a penile fracture. Your corpus cavernosum which is the penis outer side can get an injury.

Surgery can be done when an erection causes your blood restriction in some body parts.

You can experience this problem when you masturbate aggressively and when you have rough sexual intercourse as well.

5.    Check Your Hygiene Level

Ensure that you always clean the penile pump after using it. Use a particular cleaning solution that a medic will advise you.

The solution should be friendly to silicone, and it should not contain paraben. You can use it when you are cleaning any other sex toy.

When you re-use it before cleaning, or you don’t clean well you can get an infection. This is because of the bacteria that can hibernate in it.

6.    Keep A Close Check On Your Skin.

You should monitor any change that can appear on your skin. This includes blistering, bruising, and appearance of reddish color on your skin.

When you realize any of these signs, you should discontinue using the penile pump. This can take place when you over-use the device.

Your penis can swell when you pump. The lymphatic fluids and blood can get to your penis in a thrust. You can massage it to release the excess fluids.

The urethra can become thinner making it hard for you to urinate. This takes place when the fluids’ pressure pushes your urethra down.

When you have an internal bleeding you can get red dots on your skin. You should discontinue using the device when you experience pain and when you observe numbness.

7.    Do not Over- depend On It.

The pump should help you in improving your erection. You should not use it every time you need erect.

This is because it can make you lose your potential to erect independently. Only those who cannot erect at all should use it every time.

8.    Get The Best Quality

The quality of a penile pump will determine your safety. Check out for the one that fits your size. This will ensure that you have enough pressure to get a firm erection.

Ensure that you research thoroughly before you buy one.


You can improve your sex life using the penile pump. At least 40% of all men have erectile dysfunction at one stage during their lifetime.

When you observe any change on your skin, you should stop using the penile pump. When the signs persist, you should go for a medical checkup for you to be safe.

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