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How to Measure your BPEL Size? - My Male Extra Review

How to Measure your BPEL Size?

Every man gets a concern about their penis size. Men who have big penises are confident, and those who have small ones are conscious about it.

Penis anxiety happens to every man at some point in life. This is because they are worried about their sexual performance and their penis size.

Men who have a large penis do not have an assurance of having more pleasure during sexual activities than the ones who have a small one.

The sexual pleasure depends on the period in which the sexual activities last and erectile function.


There are three ways of measuring the size of your penis. One of them is Non Bone Pressed Erect Length (NBPEL), Bone-Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) and Bone Pressed Flaccid Length (BPFL).

The three methods are effective, and many people globally depend on them to get their penis size.

BPEL For Reliable Measuring:

Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) is the most reliable and accurate of the three. Non Bone Pressed Erect Length (NBPEL) is less accurate because it allows you to measure the visible part only.

 The fat pads contribute to the inaccuracy of NBPEL method. This is because they hide some of the lengths of your penis. Your weight determines the length of your fat pads at a particular time.

For you to use any of the above methods to measure your penis length, you need to have your penis erect to its maximum. This is important, as it ensures that you are taking the right measurements.

Taking a wrong measurement can cause a man to have a tremor. All men would like to have an average penis if not a big one.

Suppose you take the penis measurements and you find that you are below the average size, do not give up. I will tell you the things you can do to increase this size before the end of this session.

Steps To Follow When Taking Your Penis Size Using Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) Method.

1.  Stimulate Your Penis To Be Fully Erect.

You can use a physical or a visual stimulation to achieve this. When a medic is taking the measurement, he can opt to use a drug to inject a wide, firm and full erection.

He cannot do it against your will. He will have to ask for your permission before doing it.

2.    Stand Up Firmly.

Be firm and avoid jabbing your hips to avoid increasing a false penis length. On the base of the penis on the pelvis, there is a bone both on the right and on the left side. Locate it by touching with your finger.

3.    Placing The Ruler.

Place the ruler against your penis. Ensure that the ruler is pressing your pelvis. This will help in pushing the pubic fats that is on the penis shaft.

4.    Make The Penis To Stay Parallel

The ruler and the penis should stay parallel to each other. The penis should not be in a curve to ensure that you get the right measurements.

5.    Take And Note Down The Measurement.

Read the measurement. This should be from your pelvic bone to the tip of your penis. Record the measurement somewhere.

You can repeat this entire process to confirm the accuracy of your data.

During a case study, the doctor takes the patient’s penis measurements in his hospital room. This is to confirm that the information they are giving out is accurate.

The second conventional method that people use to measure their penis size is Bone Pressed Flaccid Length (BPFL).

When you are using BPFL (Bone Pressed Flaccid Length), you will have to pull out your penis glands to the aside gently. Do not hurt the glands in the process because when you feel pain, your penis can shrink.

You will then have to place the ruler at your pelvic bone and measure to the tip of the penis.

Why Is It Important For You To Identify The Pelvic Bone?

The pelvic bone is constant. Placing a ruler there will ensure that you get a constant and accurate measurement all the time.

Do The Temperature Levels Dictate The Outcome Of Penis Measurement?

The answer to the above question is ‘yes’. Temperature change can make you have different penis measurement at a different time. This is especially when it is cold.

Your body has a natural way of retaining body heat called Vasoconstriction. Your penis can hang higher when vasoconstriction controls the amount of blood that flows to your erectile tissues.

Difference Between Erect And Flaccid Penis

A penis can either be erect or flaccid. When it is freezing most of your body parts shrink including the penis and all the erectile tissues.

The amount of blood flow in your genitals always determines the size of your penis. The blood flow differs depending on the weather, mood, environment and the level of sexual excitement. This makes the penis measurement done at a different time to vary.

References You Can Relay On When Penis Measurements Differs.

1. Full Erect State (100% erection)

This is your fullest erection when you have maximum erectile blood flow.

2.   Zero Blood Flaccid Condition

This is the size of your penis when you are shrinking.

3.    Fully Hanging Flaccid Condition

This is the climax of your flaccidity condition. This takes place before your penis gets to its semi-erect state

Comparison Among BPEL, NBPEL, And BPFL

  • You can use the BPFL method even when you don’t have a full erection. This makes this method to be the most convenient.
  • BPEL requires you to have a full erection of the average size you usually have when you are engaging in intercourse. It is the most accurate and realistic method to measure your penis size.
  • When your interest is only on the physical size of your penis, you should go for the NBPEL method.

You can use any of the above methods to keep tracking your penis size. This can help especially when you are working towards achieving a bigger penis and a harder erection.

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Can My Penis Size Increase?

Yes, it can. Having a small penis is not a death sentence. Relax and smile because there is a solution to it. You can improve the size of your penis and prolong the period of sexual activities.

The size of men’s genitals differs from one person to another. You can opt to use some pills like Male Extra which will help you to get a firm, longer and broader erection. You can choose to use some natural methods like the ones we will discuss below.

1.    Take A lot Of Vegetables And Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are strong oxidants. They help in eliminating free radicals in your sexual tissues and blood vessels.

The oxidation factor helps in making the genitals blood vessels healthy. This helps in increasing the blood flow in the genitals which enlarges the size of your penis.

2.    Avoid Having Stress

Avoid having sexual anxiety. Many men worry about satisfying a woman; this has a negative impact on how your genitals react. Their blood vessels and tissues shrink instead of expanding. You end up having sexual frustrations.

When you have issues with your partner, it causes you to have stress. This can make you have erectile dysfunction.

The remedy for this is avoiding inhabiting in a stressful environment. You can communicate with your partner and solve all the matters that would cause you to perform poorly sexually.

3.    Stop Smoking

Tobacco has some side effects which include a reduction in sexual desire and performance. It makes your penis size to become smaller.

Its particles block the arteries. This hinders sufficient supply of blood flow in your genitals. Smoking can cause you to have a cardiovascular disorder. This has a direct effect on the level of blood that gets to various parts of the body including the genitals.

High blood flow in the genitals makes your penis blood vessels to enlarge and its tissues become at ease. This results in a large and a hard erection. You should stop smoking for your sexual organs to increase in size.

4.    Shower With Warm Water

When you take a hot shower your blood flow to the entire body increases. This has a direct effect on the genitals. The increase in the blood flow in the penis helps the penis muscles and tissues to grow bigger.

5.    Take Exercises.

Did you know that you can increase the size of your penis at a low cost? Exercises are a cheap remedy for getting a long and a thick penis.

When you exercise your muscles, tissues and blood vessels relaxes and becomes stronger. This makes the blood flow to increase in every part of the body especially the genitals. This helps in making your penis to grow bigger.

Exercise helps in cleaning your penis blood vessels.


Did you know that you can become erect when you are not aroused? This natural erection takes place when men are sleeping. They wake up erect every morning.

When you are starting a penis enlargement session/ program, you should take an accurate penis measurement. This will help you in monitoring any change that will occur.

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