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How to Measure your NBPEL Size? 3 Simple steps - My Male Extra Review

How to Measure your NBPEL Size? 3 Simple steps

We cannot discuss how to measure NBPEL before we know what these initials mean. NBPEL stands for Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length.

When you are sexually excited the level of blood flow in the penis increases. As a result, more oxygen gets to your genitals, and the blood vessels enlarge. This makes your penis to become long and tough as you get a hard erection.

The size of an erected penis differs from one man to the other.


Steps On How To Measure Your None Bone Pressed Erect Length.

1.    Wait for your penis to erect fully. 

This is to ensure that you are dealing with a maximum erection size. You can get a full erection when you get sexual excitement. In a case study, a doctor can use some drugs to induce an erection.

Place a ruler above your fully erect penis. Ensure that the ruler is starting at the pelvic layer.

2.    Use your hands to make your penis stay straight.

This will help in ensuring that you measure the full length. When the penis is curved, you cannot take the actual measurement. That is why it is essential for you to make it stay parallel to the ruler.

3.    Note down the size that is reading at the edge of your penis. 

When your penis is straight, and you place a ruler above it from the pelvic skin you get the non-bone penis election length. Ensure that you note it down somewhere.

You can repeat this process when you get another erection to verify the outcome.

What Are The Limitations Of Using NBPEL

1.    Inconsistency 

The inconsistency happens due to the variation of fat pads. The fat pads conceal some of the penis lengths that can help in getting the NBPEL accurate size. The length that the fat pads hide depends on how much you weigh.

Every individual has different fat pads thickness.

2.    Inaccuracy

NBPEL does not give you an accurate measurement. This is because it does not allow you to measure the non-visible penis part.

The information that this method gives is not sufficiently reliable because of the inaccuracy. You cannot entirely depend on the average penis length that you get when you use this method.

When the doctor is examining you, it can be difficult for you to get an erection. This is because of the consciousness that you are not going to have intercourse.

Another reason that can hinder you from erecting fully is shying off from the person who is examining you. This is why NBPEL cannot be entirely reliable. The penis has to be fully erect for you to be able to take the right measurement.

Do Drugs Play A Part In NBPEL Measurement?

In rare case studies examiners uses drugs to induce an erection.

Those who do the studies don’t disclose the method that they use to determine the length of a penis. This is because they do not want people to lose trust in the information that they give.

 They are aware that when people get to know of the method, they can opt not to rely on the information.

Many people use BPEL to take this test. People have been choosing this method as the best one for this test. There was a study that Lifestyle did in the year 2004. The name for the case study was ‘A Condom Survey.’

Over 2000 men were willing to have the test. For accuracy and comparison purposes they all got the test.

When there is a need to take the penis length, the subject goes to the hospital. The doctor conducts the test to ensure that they get an accurate figure.

During the study, the doctor opts to take the measurements himself. This is because the subject would use None Bone Pressed Erect Length which is less accurate instead of using BPEL.

Can I Increase My NBPEL?

The answer to the above question is ‘yes you can.’ NBPEL is not constant; your body is flexible. Any part of your body can grow more prominent when you give it the supplement, drug or the attention that it needs to grow.

Many men feel inferior when they have a small None Bone Pressed Erect Length. They feel like they cannot satisfy a woman and they are always conscious about it. This makes them not to perform well in bed.

Men get penis anxiety when they keep comparing their penis size to that which people perceive to be the best.

During a specific study, 30% of the subjects were not happy with their None Bone Pressed Erect Length. 35% were glad and still had high self-esteem after the test. Old men, gay and bisexual have the highest level of penis anxiety. The bisexual and gay become more sex anxiety because they have a chance to compare their sexual organs.

Old men become conscious about the penis size. This is because they are afraid they would be unable to perform well sexually. Women, on the other hand, prefer men who have big penises to those that have small ones.

You can opt to take the supplements that help your NBPEL to increase. Various types of gels and pills work well too. It is essential for you to do thorough research before you buy any penis enhancer. Consider the risks that rotate around using them and their efficiency as well.

Many penis enhancers do not work. You can get frustrations after spending a lot of money on those products, and your NBPEL remains the same.

Male Extra is one of the most effective penis enhancers. It contains pomegranate ellagic acid which increases the blood flow in your penis making you have a harder and a bigger erection.

It has L-arginine HCL which is an important Amino acid; it has Zinc that helps in the production of testosterone. It has Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) that helps in increasing blood flow in the penis. It has other components like Cordyceps that assists in raising sex appetite.

L- Methionine helps in retaining ejaculation for an extended period. Niacin aids in making the blood vessel to enlarge. This causes the penis size (NBPEL) to become bigger.

What Is The Study Average NBPEL?

British Journal Of Urology International (BJUI) has researched None Bone Pressed Erect Length.

It has shown the size of a penis when it is hard, fully erect and when it is flaccid.

 According to this research, the average None Bone Pressed Erect Length is usually 13.11 cm (5.16 inches). The average circumference is 11.91 cm (4.69 inches).

The same research has shown the average size of a penis when it is soft or flaccid. The average length is usually 9.17 cm or 3.61 inches. The circumference is usually 9.32 cm or 3.67 inches.

Countries That Has Highest Penis Average Size 

Other studies have been looking at the average penis sizes in different countries. Sudan and Congo have the highest penis average sizes of 7.1 inches.

Countries That Has Medium average penis Size

Some others countries have a moderate size of 5.1 inches. An example of these countries is the United States.

The other countries that have Caucasian people have the same penis average size of 5.1 inches.

-France average penis size is 16 cm or 6.3 inches. Brazil has an average of 6.2 inches or 15.748 cm. Israel records an average of 14.478 cm and 5.7 inches.

-Scotland, Sweden, and Greece have an average penis size of 14.732 cm and 5.8 inches. Germany and Chile have an average penis size of 5.7 inches and 14.478 cm.

-Italy and Egypt have a record of 6.2 inches and 15.748 cm. United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, and Turkey have an average penis size if 5.5 inches and 13.97 cm.

-Japan, Australia, and Russia have a record of an average of 13.208 cm and 5.2 inches. India has an average of 4 inches (10.16 cm), China records 4.3 inches (10.922 cm) and Ireland records an average of 5 inches (12.7 cm).

-The Netherlands has an average penis size of 5.9 inches (14.986 cm), Denmark records an average of 6 inches (15.24 cm) and Belgium 6.4 inches (16.256 cm).

-Norway has an average size of 5.6 inches (14.224 cm) and Ecuador has an average of 6.9 inches (17.526 cm).

A Country That Has The Smallest Average Penis Size 

South Korea has the smallest average size for the penis. They record an average of 3.7 inches. 

The Biggest Penis Record

Jonah Falcon has the longest and the largest penis which is 34.29 cm (13.5 inches). It measures 8 inches and 20.32 cm when it is not erect.

Would you imagine that the Transport Security Administration (TSA) thought of it to be a bomb? They gave their apology, after realizing it was a mistake. Its size is equivalent to 4s iPhones put together.


Men can have erections even when they are not aroused. It takes place spontaneously. When you have erections, it shows that you are healthy.

They play a part in keeping your penis flexible. In a certain study, 45% of men feel inferior about their penis.  85% of ladies are comfortable with the None Bone Pressed Erect Length of their men.

The average circumference of an erect penis is 4.7 inches. The average length of erect penises ranges between 4.5 inches and 6.5 inches.

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