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Male Extra Reviews (2019):- Does it Really Works ? [Updated]

Male Extra Reviews (2019):- Does it Really Works ? [Updated]

I Purchased Male Extra Personally and Sharing my Own View on this Male Extra Review 
male extra review

The most exciting thing is when you love someone and to have that person love you back. When two people agree to be in a relationship, they get fond of each other. With time they feel the urge to get closer and become intimate.

When they agree to have sex, a woman expects the best from the man. She looks forward to a harder erection that lasts for long enough to satisfy her.

She can get upset when her man ejaculates before she reaches to the climax. A woman dislikes an experience where a man ejaculates before she gets her orgasm.

Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the reasons that cause conflicts between couples. When a man fails to perform in bed, his ego becomes affected. He feels like he is a failure and like he has lost it all.A woman would feel resentful when this problem continues.

She can feel like her man is doing it intentionally. She can become insecure and feel like he is seeing another woman that’s why he is not performing.

Many couples end up breaking up; others try to get the sex satisfaction from other sources. 

Is Male Extra Effective?


The answer is yes. Male Extra is a male enhancement pill that is effective.

The formula is made from natural components.

It does not contain chemical contents that can be harmful to your body

It is the most reliable enhancement pill in the market.

 It has been building and maintaining a good reputation for over ten years. 

These pills will help you solve your sex issues. When you use them, you will experience a harder and longer erection.

It will help you to be up for the whole night, and you will be able to satisfy your woman. She will be proud of you and respect you when you are a high performer.

The company that manufactures it has been in operation for fifteen years. They have been doing research and coming up with effective health products.

They have a reliable team of professionals in the health field, researchers and fitness consultants.

Scientific research on this product has been going on. It proves that it is safe for human consumption and it is effective.

It has the support from clinical studies that states that it is safe for human consumption. The medics also approve of it.

They refer their clients who have erectile dysfunction to use it.

Over twelve million people all over the globe have been using it. Over one hundred and fifty thousand says that it has been of great help. They have been experiencing longer erections after using it.

The clients have a guarantee that they will get an excellent experience as they take this product. Your investment in buying it will not be in vain. You will get exciting results.

How Does This Pill Work?

For you to get an erection, you should have high blood flow. This is primarily in the tissues and cells that are in your penis.

The high flow causes your penis to become harder and bigger. You will be able to have an erection for a longer time.

The pill has natural components that help in increasing the size of the blood vessels.
The tissues in your genitals become bigger, and the blood flow increases. The rate and speed of oxygen and nutrients supply increases.

This will increase your sex stamina, and you will not get easily get fatigue.

That is why you get an erection that is harder and stays for longer. You will experience the fulfilling moment and be able to satisfy your woman.

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What Does Male Extra Contains?

For this pill to be effective, it has outstanding contents that are, not in other enhancement pills.

1. Pomegranate Ellagic Acid

Pomegranate Ellagic Acid

A Male Extra pill gives you five hundred milligrams of pomegranate. It has 40% ellagic acid which is a strong antioxidant. It protects free radical harm to take place in nitric oxide.

The pomegranate boosts the blood circulation process. Several studies have proves its intake increases the blood flow.

Some people were adding this content to juice they were taking for eight weeks. They were doing their exercise for a longer period without getting fatigued. 

This was because of the increase in blood circulation.

There was another study where people were taking juice containing this content for ninety days. Their blood circulation was improving.

There was an increase of 17%.The higher the blood flow, the harder and longer the erection becomes.

2. L-Arginine HCL


L-arginine is an essential amino acid. When you consume it, it changes to nitric oxide. There was a study of six weeks on 31% and 37% of men in a particular group. They were all having a challenge in getting an erection.

There was a dramatic increase in their sex life. They could have a bigger and longer erection than when they were not taking L-arginine.

You can get this content in supplement form or on a diet. The one that is in powder form is easier for the body to absorb. This makes it more effective.

You can buy it in a health store, supplement stores or online. You should take L-arginine when you are hungry. Do not combine it with any other amino acid.

This is because enzymes digest all amino acids that are in your body. When you take several types together, the body will excrete them before absorbing them.

One pill contains six hundred milligrams of L-arginine. When you take it, it will lower your stress level. Many people are not able to perform sexually when they have stress.

This intake will regulate your blood pressure. You should take two to three grams twice a day, suppose you have serious sexual dysfunction.

Alternatively, you can take three to five grams once a day.

You will be able to have a higher performance in bed when you take these pills.
The intake comes with some little discomfort.

You can experience pain in the abdomen, nausea, gas, diarrhea, bloating stomach, allergy or inflammation at minimal levels.

When Should You Avoid Taking L-Arginine

You should avoid taking l-arginine during the following times.

  • When you are taking Viagra. The two can be harmful when you take them together. It can increase your blood pressure.
  • Suppose you have herpes, you should avoid it because it will increase the level of herpes virus.
  • When you are going for surgery, or you are experiencing low blood pressure, you should not take it.
  • info-circle
    Avoid it when you are taking medication that raises blood flow in your heart. Avoid the ones that have nitrate.



Zinc is an essential nutrient in your body. It plays a role in making of testosterone. There was a study on 75% of men in a particular group for twenty weeks.

They were experiencing a double production of testosterone as they were taking more zinc. In Male Extra manufacturing they use citrate; this is to increase its absorption rate.

When your zinc level in the body is low, your sense of smell will go down. You will have low libido.

The health of your testosterone will deteriorate. You will not experience hard and sustaining erections.

You can get zinc from plant foods and animal foods.

An example of these sources is pork, wheat germ, oysters, dark chocolate, and squash. You can get more from mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, spinach, beans, and nuts.

The quantity that you get through your diet is not sufficient to sustain your sex life. That is why you should take Male Extra pills for you to get enough of it.

4. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

methyl sulfonyl methane (msm)

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane is effective in increasing blood circulation to your tissues and cells. It works well in serving the whole body especially your manhood.

When the level of this organic Sulphur decreases, you will have fewer cells. Your body will not be able to make new and strong ones as it should.

When you take high levels of it, your penis tissues will grow well. Its size will increase because of the formation of new, strong and flexible cells.

These new cells will be able to accommodate more blood flow. This will increase your erection. You will no longer struggle with low self-esteem that comes when you fail to erect for long.

One pill of Male Extra contains one hundred milligrams of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane. Your woman will ask for more sex than before because she will start enjoying your new performance level.

You can get this content from other food sources like eggs, corn, and rye. You can get more from sugar, yeast, preservatives, artificial flavors, wheat, and dairy.

The quantity you get from these meals is not enough; you need the pill.

5. Cordyceps


This is a type of fungus that is helpful to our bodies. Chinese have been using Cordyceps as part of the ingredients for their medicine.

They use it as a beverage, food, and add it to their soup. It is not commonly found. It's only the rich who takes it because it is expensive.

It can raise your sexual activities and to raise the desire. It has two major chemicals, Cordycepic acid, and Deoxyadenosine. 

They control the part of your brain that regulates the sex drive.

There was a study on men taking cordyceps, 64% of them were able to stay erect for longer.

They were experiencing sexual excitement after taking the content. One pill of Male Extra contains twenty-five milligrams of cordyceps.

This is a sufficient intake that the doctor requires you take on a daily basis.

You will enjoy other benefits as you consume this content.

  • It regulates your blood sugar.
  • It boosts your immunity level.
  • It helps in enhancing detoxification process in your body.
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    It contains anti-aging components.
  • plus-circle
    It increases the level of your stamina in sex and workouts.
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    It keeps you away from all respiratory complications.

Take the Male Extra pills today and enjoy all these benefits.

6. L- Methionine


This amino acid is very important to your body. It will help you to hold back ejaculation for a longer period.

It stops the body from converting histidine to histamine hormone. This keeps the level of histamine as low as possible.

When you have more histamine, you will experience traumatizing premature ejaculation. You will not have fun with your spouse before you ejaculate.

A man’s sexual desire goes down immediately he releases the sperms. When you take this product, you will realize that you can go on for a longer period.

One pill of Male Extra contains one hundred milligrams of L- methionine.

7. Niacin


Niacin is a common vitamin. Many people know it as Vitamin B3. It works well in helping all your blood vessels to be at ease.

When the vessels increase in size, your genitals expand as well. Your penis becomes bigger, and you can have the sexual excitement for long.

People who have erectile dysfunction can get a remedy when they take these pills. This is because one tablet contains eighteen milligrams of this vitamin.

It increases oxygen supply; this reduces chances of getting fatigue. You will have more pleasure. Your sex life will improve.

All these components make these pills to be outstanding in the market.
You will need to be taking them every day for three times after taking your meals. Some people

get the change in a shorter time than others.

It can take weeks or months. It depends on the hormones reaction in each. The guarantee is that you will experience a change of more than three inches. This is after you use it for six months.

You will only get the change when you continue using the pill. It is suitable for any age above eighteen years.

Were Can I Buy The Male Extra and How Long Does The Delivery Take?

The product is available worldwide. You can buy by placing your order online on the concerned site.

The delivery for clients within the United States takes three to seven days. For those in the United Kingdom takes three to seven days.

It takes three to ten working days to deliver in Europe. For the other parts of the world, It takes five to fifteen working days.

When you purchase it, you will get a tracking number that you can use to claim your parcel. A plane will deliver the parcel in your country.

The manufactures of this product value the privacy of their clients. For this reason, they pack it well. People cannot tell what it is.

The bottle contains ninety capsules. Its total weight is one thousand, one hundred milligrams. Its shipping weight is 4.8 ounces.

They refund money to their clients suppose they do not get satisfaction after consuming it. They refund within sixty days from when you receive the product.

They ask the clients to put the remaining pills in their original packaging box and send back. They refund the buying amount only, not the shipping cost.

Pros Of Using Male Extra

1. IT Helps you to Control Ejaculation

It protects you from having premature ejaculation. You can hold back until you enjoy to the fullest.

2.Refund Guarantee

You have an assurance that you will get your money back suppose the product doesn’t satisfy you. You will need to send back the unused pills. You will get your money back in 60 days.

It is made from the extracts of a herbal product. It does not have synthetic contents.

3. It is Safe

Medics approves of it as effective and safe for use.

4. It Improve Your Sexual Performance

It helps you to have a harder erection that lasts for long. It helps you in satisfying your partner. Your ego remains high.

5. It Helps in Raising Your Libido Level.

It will help in raising your sexual desire. You will not struggle with having an erection.

6. It is Sold Worldwide

You can purchase it online despite where you are in the world. The manufacturer will send it to you

FAQ of Male Extra

1. Is it safe for me to use it when I am taking other medications?

Male Extra is safe for use on its own. When you are taking other drugs, you should consult the doctor before you take it.

2. Does it have any side effect?

Male Extra is made from natural ingredients that are helpful to your body. It is safe for you to use and it does not have side effects.

It is made from the extracts of a herbal product. It does not have synthetic contents.

3. Is this product effective?

Yes, it is effective. Some people will start experiencing a change in few days and others will take months. Your penis will enlarge to 2.6-3 inches within six months when you are erect. 

4. Will I experience change if I do not take my full dose?

You will only experience change when you continue taking the drug. You should ensure that you take the full dose.

5. Can I get refunded when I am dissatisfied with this product?

Yes, you get the refund. You just need to put the remaining pills into their initial package and send it back. It will take sixty days to get your full amount back.
They don’t refund the shipping cost

How Can I Identify a Genuine Male Enhancement Pill?


People are looking for enhancement pills that can help them to deal with sex issues.

It can be tiring when you are looking for one, and you don’t have the right information.

This is because there is a wide range of these pills and jells in the market.

It is not easy for you to identify the genuine one. Some work and others don’t.

Many business people take advantage of this situation. They make fake products to fetch money from innocent clients.

Many users have gotten a disappointment. They invest in buying these products and get no change.

It is normal for the level of sex hormones to reduce with age. Some men get affected at an earlier age than others.

It is important for the doctor to identify what your actual problem is. Taking some of these products is a cover-up that does not give a permanent remedy.

Those who have heart diseases and diabetes experience this problem when they are still young. You should go for a test when you notice that you have a low sex drive, insomnia, tiredness and mood swings. 

Dangers of Using Enhancement Pills that are Not Genuine

It can cause serious side effects when you are suffering from kidney failure and diabetes.
When you them, you are at risk of experiencing a hearing problem.

Many people have lost their healing ability permanently.

It is advisable to see a doctor immediately you realize that your hearing ability is going down.
Buying the pills over the counter is dangerous. You need a checkup and doctor’s advice.

The Alternatives for Male Extra

1. Viagra

Viagra is a blue tablet. People who have pulmonary hypertension and erectile dysfunction take it to improve their sexual performance.

They take it so that they can be able to have an erection and to maintain it during intercourse.
Many people get disappointments after using Viagra. It needs you to have a lot of sex hormones for it to work well.

When you have a low level of testosterone, it cannot work for you. The doctors advocate you go for a blood checkup when you start becoming inactive in sex.

The test will check the level of your testosterone. Suppose the doctor finds that it is low, they will advise you to take genuine and safe testosterone pills like Male Extra.

This will help to increase testosterone level in a short time and at a low cost. One in five men struggles with impotence problem.

The amazing thing is that taking Viagra can help in shrinking a tumor when you have prostate cancer. It also protects your heart.

2. Wafer

Wafers look like strips of breath freshener. You place it on the tongue and leave it to dissolve. Its contents combination is the same with the ones in other impotence drugs.
The contents get into the bloodstream and cause the blood supply in your penis to increase.

3. You can also use other methods like

  • Vacuum pumps which increase the blood flow in your genitals.
  • Get the injections
  • Take pellets.

The NaturalL Ways of Increasing Testosterone Level

1. Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very crucial to your body. It is readily available in a wide range of foods. These include Cold liver oil, herring fish, shrimp, mushrooms, and salmon.

You should get more of it from the direct sunshine. When you have enough of it, you will raise your testosterone level.

You will be more sexually active than before.

2. Avoid Estrogen-Related Chemicals

Some chemicals are found in plastic that can reduce your testosterone levels. You should avoid BPA chemicals and others that relate to it.

3. Take Minerals and Vitamins

Take vitamins E, A, AND C and zinc for you to boost your testosterone level. You can readily find them in many types of foods and fruits.

You can also take herbs like ginger and ashwagandha. Ensure that you also take fats and proteins.

4. Take Enough Sleep and Avoid Stress

When your body gets a rest, you can perform better in bed.

5. Do Regular Exercises

This will increase your testosterone levels. It will also keep you away from diseases that affect your sex life.

Testimonial By customers

1. Increased control and virility

Your penile training exercises are so simple, yet so effective at increasing your control. Your dual action system has done wonders for my sex life as I am now able to maintain an erection for longer, produce more ejaculate and keep my girlfriend 100% satisfied. Boosting my penis size too has been a complete bonus

Andy Speil, Web designer, USA, Michigan

2. Rapid penis enlargement

I can’t believe how fast my penis has grown. I only began using MaleExtra and their PenisHealth exercises a month ago and within days my penis was harder, firmer, easier to train and an inch longer. Even traction devices cannot provide such rapid enhancements.

Rick Kilton, Teacher, Australia

3. Bigger ejaculations

There is no doubting these days whether or not I am having a good time. Since introducing MaleExtra into my life, my ejaculation volumes have increased no end from a simple teaspoon to... well, let’s say a lot. Even my penis size has dramatically improved in size. My girlfriend cannot get over the transformation and keeps asking what I’ve done to change my performance.

Ed Collins, Builder, USA, Texas

4. Increased control and virility

I can confidently say that I am now the one who is in control of my sex life. Suffering from premature ejaculations has always dominated and hindered my performance, yet since taking MaleExtra and adopting their penile training exercises, coming early is no longer a problem. In fact I have never felt more in control of my performance which has done wonders for my sex life. My libido is through the roof...

Howard Milton, Surveyor, UK, Milton Keynes

5. Improved fertility

I can’t thank you guys enough for MaleExtra. After 2 years of trying, me and my partner are finally having a baby and it is all thanks to you. Within days of trying MaleExtra and practicing your penile exercises my erections were harder, my penis longer and my ejaculate volumes were more than 5 times larger.

Ben Phillips, Pharmacist, US, Canada


You will be able to make a wise decision, now that you have this information on Male Extra reviews.

When you have heart disease, you can be unable to perform well in bed. Blood pressure and blood sugar complications can make you have premature ejaculation.

This is because blood will not flow to the cells and tissues in your genitals as it should. Ensure that you visit the doctor for you to get the medical attention that you need.

You should not take the pills when taking other drugs. You should visit a physician for consultation purposes.

They have a customer care service that runs for twenty-four hours a day. They are available to answer your questions.

The product is cheap and affordable. You can get it with a retail price of 64.95 dollars.
When your woman gets enough from you, half of your relationship issues will disappear entirely.

Why would you continue experiencing a premature ejaculation when there is a solution?
You will realize that you can get your sex life back by using Male Extra pills.

Do not wait any longer, buy your package today and experience the magic. Your sex life will be perfect.